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Orthotic Treatments

Orthotics (or orthoses) are used to correct, support or accommodate a limb weakness or deficiency.


Foot orthoses (Orthotics, Insoles or Arch Supports) are devices that can be used to ease pain or increase stability of the foot and ankle.

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Prescribed for people who may struggle to get shop bought footwear to fit, or may need protection due to reduced sensation (Diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis).

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3D Printed Orthotics

The Phits 3D printed Orthotics are manufactured using the latest technology in digital gait analysis.

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Ankle Foot Orthosis

AFO’s are prescribed for people who have an interference in the strength of the muscles that lift the foot up when walking or in the ability to control the muscles of the lower leg.

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Silicone Ankle Foot Orthosis

The SAFO© from Dorset Orthopaedic is a device used to counter the effects of foot drop by lifting the foot from the top of the foot and front of the ankle.

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Knee braces can be used to reduce stress on a knee due to a recurrent strain, ligamentous injury or to reduce pressure on an arthritic knee joint.

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The E-MAG Active Electromagnetic Stance Control Orthosis acts as an active walking partner, not just a static support.

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Freewalk KAFO

With today’s stance control orthoses, there are new options to explore with your Orthotist. The FreeWalk is a light-weight alternative to a traditional brace.

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Kid’s Ankle Foot Orthoses

The AFO’s Or Splints that your child wears are a very important part of their life. Here at CMC we understand that they need to be right – first time.

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This innovative AFO design enables the wearer greater freedom. Compared to conventional AFO design the FS300 is 100% transferable between shoes.

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Lycra Garments From DMO

DM Orthotics use strategically placed panelling to improves body alignment. This new positioning stimulates sensory systems throughout the body and re-programmes the brain.

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With over 20 years of experience working in the field of orthotics you can be safe in the knowledge that our Orthotist will be able to help you.