Every parent, carers and children’s nightmare – choosing school shoes, social shoes, ‘fun shoes’, shoes that accommodate orthoses or splints, footwear that look good and are functional.

At Cheshire Orthotics we are incredibly proud to introduce Billy Footwear to our range of services. This fantastic range of footwear for children can be worn over splints and insoles and can be adapted to include any alterations needed i.e. raises, heel lifts and adaptations.

You can follow our link and order Billy Footwear online, entering the code CMC-5 to gain a 5% discount on your order. We will also be offering this option on site at our CO clinic’s. This is a discount that is not offered anywhere else.

Billy Footwear specialise in adaptive shoes that are both functional and inclusive, making them great options for kids with special needs. Their range of shoes for special needs children feature fliptop technology, which makes them quick and easy to take off making them ideal for kids with special needs or mobility problems. With both fashion with function, Billy Footwear incorporates zippers that go along the side of the shoes and around the toe, allowing the upper of each shoe to open and fold over completely, where the wearer can place his or her foot onto the shoe foot bed unobstructed. 

Not only this, Billy footwear specialist shoes are available in high-top, low-top and Ugg shoe styles, sizes 13 to 5, making these special needs shoes ultra-stylish. website

Take a look today at the website and remember to apply your unique 5% discount code