Orthotist Assessment

An orthotic appointment will include an assessment of your general health to ascertain information that may be related to your problem/concern. Following this a biomechanical assessment will be carried out.

Your Orthotist will undertake a passive examination of your ranges of motion of the affected area. You will also be asked to walk so we can gain a dynamic view of your movements.

From this biomechanical assessment we will be able to see what imbalances you may have and their effects on your walking/movement.

Depending on the outcome of the assessment an appropriate prescription will be formulated and discussed with you to ensure your needs are met.

Your Orthosis Fitting

To ensure that the Orthosis is optimal for you, there will be a follow up fitting appointment. This will allow your Orthotist to check the fit of the device and carry out any adjustments that are required.

You will be given full written instructions on how to use your orthoses.

The fitting of an orthoses is a very personal thing; after all there is only one of you!!

There will also be chance at this appointment to discuss a referral to our physiotherapist to further enhance your treatment if needed.

Your Orthotic Review

At the end of your fitting appointment you will be offered a 6 week review appointment to ensure you are happy with your Orthosis.