With today’s stance control orthoses, there are new options to explore with your Orthotist. The FreeWalk is a light-weight alternative to a traditional brace. It switches between a locked and an unlocked knee joint at the appropriate time to keep you stable. In addition, a more natural motion makes it easy to add a few steps to your day without adding fatigue.

This Lighweight KAFO is a wonderful solution for when you have weakness in the quadriceps (thigh muscles) from Poliomyelitis, Multiple Sclerosis, Spinal injury to name a few.

It is stable and locked in stance and unlocks to allow knee flexion in swing therefore affording the wearer a more natural gait pattern.

The Freewalk can be used when there is mild knee hyperextension (<10 degrees) and some genu valgum or varum.

Contact us today for an assessment and see if you are suitable for this wonderful Orthosis.