Foot Orthoses

Foot Orthoses

Foot orthoses (Orthotics, Insoles or Arch Supports) are devices that can be used to ease pain or increase stability of the foot and ankle.

They are prescribed for conditions to re align, support and reduce pain or discomfort in the feet. They are also used for other kinds of biomechanical issues relating to the ankles, knees and lower back.

Over Pronation (Pes Planus/Plano Valgus or Flat Feet):

Pronation is something that we need as humans to be able to slow down the ground reaction forces when our feet come into contact with the ground. However, if we over pronate this can lead to other issues with regards to controlling our posture. Over pronation can lead to foot and ankle complaints, knee and back pain and poor posture. Orthoses can be used to reduce over pronation depending on what the presenting complaint is.

Over Supination (Pes Cavus or High Arched feet):

Over Supination or high arched feet can be due to many things, CTEV (club foot) as a child, muscular imbalances and some neurological conditions can lead to a high arched foot. Generally this type of foot posture can cause the foot to be more stiff and less able to accommodate changes in terrain. A foot orthosis can be used to either redress the imbalances or indeed accommodate the position to reduce further deterioration.

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